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New York Cultural Salon Planning Committee Meeting

San Restaurant, Flushing, New York, November 8, 2003

New York Cultural Salon Planning Committee Meeting

A group of most famous arts & cultural contributors met at San Restaurant, Flushing, New York, on November 8, 2003. They were: writer Chao Shu Xia, writer Wang Ding Jun & his wife Wang Li Hua, Ambassador Hsia Li Yen & his wife, as writer Cheng Li Yuan, Dancer Mai Feng Juan, Editor Zhou Yun Chi, Tea Specialist Liu Ai Lun, Photographer John Wang and Opera Performer Cheng-Hua Wang. Through out the years they have been devoting their time and effort to develop all kinds of arts and cultural events to improve a better and happy life. Now they want to promote their ideas to be more formalize and helping the committee with a better through their plan.

They discussed about their function and goals and have decided to organize the association with non political sensitivity. They are all New Yorker and love to live in New York to make togeterness events from time to time, i.e. new book report, exhibition of calligraphy, painting, photography, landscaping, tea ceremony, dance and opera performance, etc.

This organization will be formalized with their functions and goals on the first day of committee meeting, November 23, 2003, 2 PM, at Sanford Tower, 133-47 Sanford Ave. 2 Floor, Flushing, New York. Chinese newspaper World Journal news reporter, Lou Dan Xi, came to join the meeting and wrote a report about these event. The committee meeting on November 23, will welcome all the arts and cultural lovers to join and work together for their better and happy life.

Chinese newspaper World Journal Special Report on New York Cultural Salon Association at Flushing, New York, Dated on Sunday, November 9, 2003. Article Written and Photoed by Lou Dan Xi.
Name from Left to Right on Back line: Wang Lihua, Cheng-Hua Wang, Mai Feng Jun, Liu Ai Lun, John Wang, Zhou Yuchi
Front line: Wang Dingjun, Chao Shuxia, Cheng Liyuan, Ambassodor Hsia Liyen

Chao Shu Xia Speaking to Reporter Lou Dan Xi about the Goals of New York Cultural Salon
Writer Wang Ding Jun
Ambassador Hsia Li Yen
Dancer Mai Feng Juan
Chang Chi Hui

Reporter Lou Dan Xi
Writer Chao Shu Xia & Cheng Li Yuan
Tea Specialist Liu Ai Lun &
Editor Zhou Yun Chi

Editor Zhou Yun Chi & Photographer John Wang

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