Traditional Chinese Kung Fu

Tai Ji Chuan, Wu Kung and Shao Lin Chuan

Photoed by John Wang at Beijing, Beijing, China, October 19, 1990

Chinese Kung Fu and Its Helps to Human Life's Longevity
One may wonder about the reason why Chinese Kung Fu could be so popular after years. Human body has built up by more then one thousands nurves and blood pipes. Chinese Kung Fu could help to circulate the cycle of blood and "Qi She" inside the body. Kung Fu could be inherited by Tai Ji Chuan, Wu Kung, or Shou Lin Chuan, etc. NYJPW Founder, John Wang visited Beijing on 1990 and saw many people procticed Kung Fu in the park at early morning in Beijing. John has captured a few pictures and hope it could be useful for person who wants to learn Kung Fu. This is a traditional method to keep human body in shape and smooth the blood circulation. Actually, after the practices, one would feel much lighter from the execises of Kung Fu. Give a try and let us know how do you feel after Kung Fu practices.
This Wise Old Man Demonstraing the Traditional Chinese Tai Ji Chuan
In Front of Tien Tan, Beijing, China

The Major Part of Kung Fu is Based on the Correct Hands and Feet Position and
How to Smooth the Qi She Inside the Human Body

When Two People Fight Needs to Control Qi She and Position
Holding an Wood Made Weapon
Can Help to Set Body's Position
in a Right Way

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