The Modern Mei Lan Fang

Li Shu Yuan and Her Accomplishment in Chinese Opera

NYJPW Oradell Arts Gallery, Oradell, New Jersey, September 4, 2005

Li Shu Yuan is Well Known as The Modern Mei Lan Fang

Ms. Li Shu Yuan was born in a distinguished Chinese Opera family. Ms. Li has well trained as Chin Yi with acrobatic wu kung practice. Ms. Li has performed over 45 years of stage experience, specializing in female warrior roles. Ms. Li's sweet and beautiful make-up face, just look like Master Mei Lan Fang, and her excellent wu kung technics made her become the well known of "Modern Mei Lan Fang". Ms. Li especially good at performing Master Mei Lan Fang's famous sword dance story of "Farewell of My Concubine". Ms. Li has won many awards in China and the United States. Ms. Li has effectively directing and instructing the group of amateur Chinese Opera lover in Philadelphia to make the Philadelphia Chinese Opera Society the one and only Chinese Opera performing organization in PA.

NYJPW was honored to invite Ms. Li to perform "Farewell of My Concubine" in the following events:
  • Celebration of NYJPW 5th Anniversary, April 8, 2001 at Taipei Theater, New York
  • ORBIS Saving Sight Worldwide 2004 Global Society Benefit Honoring FedEx Corporation Celebration, February 11, 2004, at The Plaza Hotel, New York

    NYJPW has been invited with the join effort to celebrate the Plainsboro Public Library Festival of the Arts. NYJPW has produced a Fashion Show with Chinese Opera's music, make-up, dance, action, comedy to present the spectacular costumes, elaborate face paintings, etc. This new verture is a brand new idea and Ms. Li Shu Yuan has put in her professional expertise with her son Zhou Ji and nephew Li Xin to perform the 50 minutes 5 parts of program. NYJPW is ancious to present this program to the public. NYJPW is very much appreciated Ms. Li Shu Yuan's years help and present an extraordinary award to Ms. Li for her long accomplishment in Chinese Opera.

  • Li Shu Yuan Performs Yu Ji in NYJPW Chinese Opera "Farewell of My Concubine"
    Taipei Theater, New York, 04/08/01 - Photography by Master John Wang

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