Traditional Wine Culture
Pubs of Ireland
Published by Insight Cards Limited, The Square, Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland, for Calendar 2001

Pubs of Ireland - Traditional Culture with Wires & Spirits

When John & Cheng-Hua Wang traveled from city to city and country to country, they like to visit the local restaurant for resting and to gain some knowledge about the local custom, such as the owner's manner, the decoration of the store, the food that was prepared and the utensils that were used for serving, etc. John & Cheng-Hua also like to visit Bar or Pubs to get some idea about the native people behavior. Regardless what kind of personality, once one or two or more cups of wine being drinken, then the person becomes relax, friendly, more social then before. Many ideas could come out and possible forms the great theory of the new finding that scientist has working on. Many couples that I knew that they have met at Bar and dating afterword then got married. It is wonderful if one keeps a happy and loving heart in the Bar. One of the Chinese famous artists, Mr. Wang Luo Yung, who performed at the famous Broadway show "Miss SiGone", Wang has learned the native New York slam language from Bars. It is very interesting that he has choiced this way to improve his English and no doubt about that Wang had successfully managed himself to become a big star on Broadway.

Mr. Tom Ganley, one of the friends of Cheng-Hua Wang has shown the following pictures from Ireland's Publisher Insigh Cards Limited for 2001 Calendar. Cheng-Hua likes the pictures and she thinks it is simplely representing the traditional wine culture of Ireland. Cheng-Hua has published this page to record the different sight of view from Chinese American arts and culture. As the matter of the fact, the wine culture has stared in China back to Shang Dynasty four thousand year's ago.

Pubs of Ireland
Temple Bar

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