Chinese American Culture Festival -

Yu Ya-Na Dancing School Presentation

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial School, Chinatown, New York, June 28, 1998

Yu Ya-Na Dancing School and Yiu Xing-Kuo New Jersey Ballet Association have been invited to Chinese American Culture Festival to present their annual performance. The students range from age 3 to 16. The presentation has included the Chinese traditional dance and Western Ballet. The well trained dancing technique with beautiful custumes and happy young dancers have won many applauses from the audience, who may be the dancers' parents and relatives. Both the performers and audience have spent a lovely afternoon at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial School, Chinatown, New York City. For further information please Email:

The Youngest Dancing Group Celebrating Chinese New Year
The Youngest Dancing Group Performing Western Ballet
Yu Ya-Na and Yiu Xing-Kuo
Performing Spanish Dance

Western Ballet Jumping Technique
Yiu Xing-Kuo Playing with the Silk Ribbens
Dancing with Fan Symbols Happiness
Peacock Dancing Symbols Love

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