Brillient, Exciting and Genius Creation
John Wang New Creative Photography
Published by Beijing Fine Arts & Photography Publishing House, June 1, 2005

Every Look Presents A Different Exciting Imagine
John Wang's New Creative Photography
Master John Wang has recently published his second new phography book. It is the acculmulation of John's photography over the past 10 years. It is combined four sessions: Local Color, Advertising Culture, Life Rhythm and Exoticism. As the first book, John & Penny are to ensure the selection and printing of this new book to be on the top of the line to be able to representing John's production. John & Penny went to Beijing and contacted Beijing Fine Arts & Photography Publishing House after the long editing that they did at New York. They have proof read once for the words and colors and sent to print. The book is amazed beautiful. The elegant print materials, the real color, the accurate editing, most of the all, the creative photos attraked to one's heart. Every time when John & Penny look at the book, they could find some new ideas and alive meaning. Such a magic. Every one knows that a picture can representing a world. John's photography in deed to express the world on every one of his picture, not only his genius thought to set up the shooting, but also the techniques he has used. Once NYJPW New College Point Arts & Culture Center has opened in this fall, John's new book and new photography will be exhibited in the center. It is free for public. Stay tuned.
The Cover of "The Creative Photography of John Wang"
Writer Susie Chao wrote the Preface for the Book
Susie Chao & John Wang Go through
The Book at New York, 11/10/02

Beijing Publishing House Tsu Han Chiao Check the Slides
John Discuss the Details Editing with
Tsu Han Chiao at Publishing House, Beijing, 11/17/02

Tsu & John & Penny Wang Happily Work on New Book
John & Zhang Zhao Ji Go Over the Pictures
Jon Michael Wang Drives the Jeep to Jersey City
Pick up the 3000 Volumes New Books

John Wang is at the Cargo Office
Signing for Pick Up, 10/24/03

John Wang Autography with Thanks & Love
The First Copy is for Beloved Wife Penny

What A Big & Successful Accomplishment
When Penny Holds the New Book of John Wang

The Acknowledgement Letter from Zhang Zhao Ji
Beijing Fine Arts & Photography Publishing House

The Big Success of John Wang's New Photography Book
Exhibition at Beijing for Over 100,000 Visitors Admiring

Professor Xu Xi Zhan Special Seminor for John's
Photography Book at Tsing Hua University, Beijing

Students are very much Interesting on the Special
Technique John used for Double Exposure & Lighting

Students Ask Many Questions and Every One Receive a Book as Learning Text Book
The Nationwide Book Exhibition is Held at Beijing
Interest Viewer is Reading John's New Book

The Nationwide Book Exhibition is Held at Beijing
Interest Viewer is Reading John's New Book

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