H.T. Chen & His Dancers' New Work
Heart of Grace
Performance at Dance Theater Workshop, 219 West 19th Street, New York City, May 19, 2005

"Heart of Grace" H.T. Chen's New Work for 2005
John Wang's Photography "The Bamboo Garden" as the Stage Backgroud Through Slide Projection
H.T. Chen's new work "Heart of Grace" strips away the physical facade of traditional Chinese lion dance to illuminate the timelessness of its symbolic core as an emblem of courage and grace. Chen brings an abstracted lion to life: one that lives on the edge of tradition and embraces its contemporary context in a vibrant celebration of humanity.

Chen's favor plant is bamboo. He likes bamboo's straightness, flexability, contribution of multi usages to human beings, strength of health and the green color for happiness, etc. He had selected one of Master John Wang's photography "The Bamboo Garden" from John's first photo albaum that was published on 1986 from Taiwan. Chen made a slide from this photo and projected to the stage as the backgroud for the theme. It is really presented the beauty of homony and rightness out of a personality. NYJPW is proud to publish this event with John's photography.

John Wang's Photo "The Bamboo Garden" shot from Xi Tou, Taiwan
H.T. Chen Dancing for His Accomplishment
The Poster of "Heart of Grace" from H.T. Chen & Dancers

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