Family Agriculture
Grow Your Favorite Fruits & Vegetables in Your Back Yard
Good Execises & Sweet Airs & Healthy Activities for No Charge
NYJPW Garden at Oradell, New Jersey, May 14, 2005

Bring the Agriculture to Your Backyard
Grow the Delicious Fruits & Vegetables By Yourself
One may not have the pleasure to own a piece of the land in your yard in today's living. If you have a little piece of land that attached to your house, why not to grow some fruits and vegetables or flowers in your garden. It is not only bring you to an entire different world, but also help you to execise your body with good healty.

John & Penny Wang has a beautiful house in Oradell, New Jersey. They opened a piece of tomato garden in the backyard and every year they grow many tomatos and culcumbers. The taste is more delicious then you can buy from the supermaket. They give to their friends and everyone treasures the products.

It is no doubt about the amount of effort that you have to put on when you are growing things. Start with flap turn around the soil in the spring. Remove any grass and clean that piece of land. John make his own fertilize by mixing the coffee grand, tea leaves and soda that have left from coffee and tea and add water to it. When you plant the tomato's plant, you first dig a hole, put the fertilize, plant the tomato and press hard on the surrounding soil to ensure the plant stands good. Then water with more regular water on the plant and hole. You need to separate each plant with a distance in order to allow them to grow evenly. Finally you spray the water on the top of the plant to ensure they get enough water. This is a simple way to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and scallions. They only need water, sun and some fertilize. When they grow the fruits, you will feel so much accomplish with your effort. At the time, you have built your body strong by growing them. You do not have to pay the fee to go to sport center and you have delicious fruits to enjoy when you are sitting in your backyard and listen to the birds singing and wind blowing. Everything in the universe is under God's care, same as plants. If you give your love to the tomato plants and take good care of them, they will grow happily and grow big tomatos for you.

John Wang Pressing the Soil Around the Tomato Plant
Penny Wang Cautht John Wang's Happy Smiles
John Wang Plant Cucumber on the Side of Garden
John Wang Plants More Tomato's from Small Jars
Tomato Plants Sit in the Pot & Wait to be Planted
John Showing Jennifer Wang to Cut the Branches

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