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John Wang Creative Photography Exhibition

World Journal Art Gallery, Whitestone, New York, March 16-18, 2001

Master John Wang - Creative Photographer
The New Creative Photography of Master John Wang
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"Photography is the newest art form. It is based on developments in modern technology. Although there are many styles of photography, it generally depends on strong visual stimulation.Any kind of artistic expression requires the development of one's intelligence. In China, a master photographer, Mr.
Lang Ching Shan, has developed a style of "Collective Photography" which he started working on years ago when only black and white film was available. Mr. Lang would combine the negatives of various subjects such as landscapes, people, flowers, birds, and animals to produce one remarkable image. Mr. Lang's photographs are much like fine Chinese paintings and his talent is recognized around the world. Much like Mr. Lang, John Wang, an American photographer, has established himself as an artist of similar discipline and elegant style. John has worked very hard and has become an outstanding photographer in the United States. Through the continuous development of new techniques and years of constant studying, printing, and traveling, John's work has evolved to where it is today."
-Professor Shih Tze-Chien, August 1986, Taiwan, Republic of China

John Wang is a well-known commercial photographer in the United States. John's expertise is of multiple exposures. John can use a very simple subject to develop a very complex and meaningful product. John has a lovely son Jon Michael, and daughter Jennifer Hellen. John's wife, Cheng-Hua, works as a system programmer in Deutsche Bank, and is also an amateur Chinese Opera performer. When photographing, John analyzes everything thoroughly and presents the most beautiful part through the camera lens. John has won many national and international awards and his photos have been post in "Popular Photography" many years. Through these photos, one can deeply appreciate the gift we are given from God. Life presents its magical powers through John's lens. John Wang has been putting a continuous effort in the double exposure arena. John would now like to share his accomplishments to the public by holding a photo-exhibition of some of his best pieces of artwork. John Wang's Photo exhibition is free to the public and at there will be a reception following the exhibition on March 16, 2001. Everyone is invited to share the happiness of John Wang's success in photography. Please come and join us in this great historical event.
The three day long exhibition brought many interested photographers and an audience of all ages who came to see the exhibition pictures and admire
John Wang's photography. It was "One of the Best Photography Exhibitions in the Modern World." With this encouragement, John Wang plans to frequently provide photography exhibition's with more creative work in New York City. Stay tone for more information.

The Gift From The God
Photography Exhibition Information
  • Opening Session:
  • March 16, 3-5 PM, 2001, Reception
  • Date:
  • Saturday & Sunday, 10-5 PM, March 17 & 18, 2001
  • Place:
  • World Journal Art Gallery
    141-07 20th Avenue, 3 Floor, Whitestone, New York 11357
  • Phone:
  • (718) 746-8889 ext. 6206/(201) 262-4338/(212) 250-2222
  • Admission:
  • Free for public
  • John Wang's Photo can be purchased and donation is tax exempted payable to NYJPW
  • Creative Photography by John Wang

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